“I believe this is the best teaching I have ever experienced for beginners!” R.B.

“I absolutely loved the format of the lessons. The content was broken down in “bite-sized” segments and easily digestible! I started with virtually no Hebrew vocabulary but after this book, not only do I know the Alef-Bet, I can read virtually anything written in Hebrew! Thank You!”  M.H.

“After using this book, I was able to read and translate a sentence, read the Names  of God, learn about the Jewish culture and understand and build on the Hebrew roots. Excellent! “ D.L.

“I loved learning the rich spiritual aspects of the Hebrew language. It opened my eyes to the vastness of God and how serious each word is. This class will change your life!” J.R.

“The class is thoughtfully laid out and easy to follow. I can’t imagine a better way to learn Hebrew!” K.Y.