Yes! You really can learn Hebrew using Hebrew with Joy!

Joy Carroll, Hebrew teacher and author of the Hebrew with Joy! series, has created an upbeat, interactive, beginning Hebrew series that includes class workbooks and free video and audio lessons. She created these books to allow you to be successful (whether new to Hebrew or have struggled in the past!) By the end of this first lesson, you will be able to read your first Hebrew words and learn more of the richness of the Hebrew language.
Come and join us for Hebrew with Joy!

From our wonderful California teacher, Jackie Newman.

From our new student Lana

Our newest Hawaiian students – well done!

More testimonies from our Students….

When I found your book on Amazon it had so many great reviews compared to others I was considering. I must say the reviews are totally true! Your book is amazing and I have only gone through the first lesson. It makes learning the language simple and fun and not intimidating at all and also gave me inspiration to want to not only read but write and speak the language. I also got your second book and I am looking forward to that one as well once I complete the first book. Thank you so much for this wonderful book and the video and audio files to go with it, they really are amazing and are exactly what I was looking for! Sarah F.

“I absolutely loved the format of the lessons. The content was broken down in “bite-sized” segments and easily digestible! I started with virtually no Hebrew vocabulary but after this book, not only do I know the Alef-Bet, I can read virtually anything written in Hebrew! Thank You!”  Marissa H.

“I believe this is the best teaching I have ever experienced for beginners!” Rhonda – Colorado

“Hebrew With Joy!” is far more than just a textbook. Written from the heart of a woman who has roots in both Israel and America, Joy Carroll offers considerably more to her students than just “instructions” on how to read, write and speak beginning Hebrew. Having spent much time throughout the years living in Israel, she has a rich and deep understanding of the Hebrew culture. Joy purposefully teaches each letter of the Aleph Bet in such a way that within the very first lesson, a word…not just a group of letters…springs off the page and into the delighted minds of her students. When they realize they can read, write AND correctly pronounce this word, their attention is immediately caught and the zeal to learn is quite contagious! Julie K.

“By far the best language instructor and resource I have been blessed to engage with.  Hebrew With Joy! focuses on Biblical Hebrew using words most often used in the Bible.  Joy’s approach to teaching Hebrew begins by introducing the student to the Aleph Bet, the letters’ sound and a visual association that helps you know the letters on sight and by sound. Key Words and their meaning are accompanied by the Root of each Key  Word and the Root meaning, thus enabling the student to gain increased understanding of various words with the same Root.   Masterfully organized, Hebrew with Joy will have you recognizing vowels, their sound and the nuances required to use the vowels with word pictures. Hebrew With Joy is the ideal Biblical Hebrew course for beginners!” Brenda D.

“After using this book, I was able to read and translate a sentence, read the Names  of God, learn about the Jewish culture and understand and build on the Hebrew roots. Excellent! “ Deedi L.

“I loved learning the rich spiritual aspects of the Hebrew language. It opened my eyes to the vastness of God and how serious each word is. This class will change your life!” Juliet A.