Hebrew with Joy! in the Biblical Feasts

Jackie Newman’s California Feast Class

Hebrew with Joy! in the Biblical Feasts

Once you can read the Alef-Bet and vowels,  the Hebrew with Joy! series continues with Book 2…

  • Go deeper in your ability to read Hebrew while learning about GOD’s holy “Moadim” – His Appointed Times
  • Examine what the Scriptures say about each Feast and why they are important to the LORD and to us
  • Increase your Biblical vocabulary and key roots
  • Explore the Israeli customs and traditions for each Feast
  • Find helpful suggestions for your own Feast celebrations
  • Study with the free Video and Audio lessons included
  • Use this book as a yearly resource to prepare for each Feast

Testimonial from Rhonda in Colorado…

I have had the privilege of experiencing all three Hebrew with Joy books, and Hebrew with Joy! In the Biblical Feasts does not disappoint!

I found Hebrew with Joy! one of the best introductions to learning the Hebrew language of any Hebrew class I have ever taken! At the end of the book, you will be reading Hebrew if you have applied yourself to the lessons.

Hebrew with Joy! In the Biblical Feasts is an excellent source in learning new words and Hebrew roots associated with the Feasts of the LORD. The book delineates the Biblical and cultural celebrations of the Feasts and is a most enjoyable learning experience for anyone who holds the Word of God dear to their hearts!