Biblical Hebrew with Joy!

Biblical Hebrew with Joy!, Book 3 in the Hebrew with Joy! series, goes deeper with Hebrew vocabulary, roots, language building blocks, reading prayers and Scriptures and writing your own Hebrew prayers! Enjoy the Scriptural and Israeli cultural treasures as well as learning games and steps to use online Hebrew technology tools. This book will help you to uncover the original Hebrew word meanings and intent as you study GOD’s holy language.

From one of our students…
“Biblical Hebrew with Joy!” is an incredible addition to Joy’s first book Hebrew with Joy! Never before has Hebrew been taught in such a creative and thoughtful way. Every word, every example, and every challenge is truly inspired. Joy’s deep desire to share her love of the Nation of Israel (Am Israel), the culture of the people, and the deep spiritual appreciation of her Jewish heritage simply pours out on every page. Her commitment to teaching Adonai’s holy language in a way that is easy, inspiring, and more importantly life changing, is clearly a calling on her life. Biblical Hebrew with Joy! provides an user-friendly introduction to Biblical Hebrew.