Joy Carroll

Shalom! I always struggled with learning a language when I was growing up! But something changed when I rediscovered my Jewish roots years later and fell in love with Israel, the Land, her people, and Hebrew, God’s Holy language. Even as my hair was turning gray, I couldn’t get enough of learning more Hebrew. It changed how I studied the Word of God! I could now read my favorite scriptures in Hebrew and explore the deeper meanings of the original Hebrew. In my prayer journal, I could even write simple prayers to the LORD in Hebrew! WOW!!!

I have always had a heart for teaching, especially for simplifying things that looked too hard to learn. So, I began to create simple handouts for helping folks to learn the Hebrew Alef-Bet. I believe in making my classes and materials, simple, user-friendly AND FUN so I added creative learning games and even included scriptural Hebrew “treasures” and Israeli cultural traditions.

After teaching hundreds of students, my daughter, Becca, challenged me to “stop talking about it and write the book!” And my wonderful husband, Russ, encouraged me to go for it! So, in 2019, Hebrew with Joy! was born! It has been a 6-year labor of love. I’ve had the privilege of testing the materials with hundreds of students, both in the classroom and online. My heart’s desire is to provide this material so you’ll be encouraged to learn Hebrew! And, if you are a teacher, I encourage you to use the Teacher resources to teach others!